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It’s more than skin care.

It’s a lifestyle.


LOVE the cream, it’s soluble, not oily, absorbs easily.

I absolutely love the Organic Shea Butter Scrub. My body feels baby soft and smooth. The product isn't as gritty and oily as most store bought ones I've used in the past. 

The foot file really helps me keep my feet feeling amazing between my pedi visits! It's easy to use and buffs away my rough patches with ease! 

This body and massage oil is AMAZING!!! It is a drink of water for the skin. The oil goes on thick but not heavy and the StyleDiva signature spa scent is so relaxing. This has definitely become a part of my skin care regimen!!!

StyleDiva is so consistent with great quality products! The soy candles look, smell, and shockingly, even SOUND amazing!!! And they burn so slowly, that they will last a very long time. 

StyleDiva Skin Care Essentials

StyleDiva Skin Care Essentials offers high quality skincare and spa products. Our skincare products are made with natural and organic ingredients.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the women we serve

The woman that starts each day focused on giving it her all. She is nurturing and kind. She is humble, stylish, confident and independent. She gives freely and loves unconditionally. But she understands and cherishes the greatest love of all, self love. 

Self-Care is the BEST Self-Love!