About Us

Our Founder:

Tonya Houston, is a licensed manicurist and nail salon owner with a strong passion for skincare education and promoting the benefits of self-care. After years of providing salon services with professional brand name products, she noticed a decline in product quality and consistency. The continuous changes prompted her to research and develop a product she could trust. Her hard work and dedication resulted in the launch of a natural and certified organic prouduct line, StyleDiva Skin Care Essentials. 

Our Mission:

StyleDiva Inc. is committed to offering high quality skincare and spa products to our consumers. We believe in self-care and healthy mindset. Our skincare products are made with natural and organic ingredients. Our goal is to offer our consumers salon grade products to enjoy from the comforts of their home.

Our Future

Our founder, Tonya Houston is dedicate to educating women on the importance of self care and healthy mindset. She has extended the skin care line beyond hand and foot care. Our new commitment is full body skin care and relaxation. 

StyleDiva Skin Care Essentials 

It’s more than skin care. It’s a lifestyle!